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 Understanding 2020’s B2B Omnichannel Consumer

If you are in the business of selling to other businesses (B2B), it’s essential to understand what your buyers want. We’ve researched the topic of B2B buying, and we’ve found that most B2B omnichannel buyers today prefer making their purchases via e-commerce channels, but often go offline if the experience doesn't offer what they need.

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E-commerce and ERP: Five Reasons it’s a Match Made in Retail Heaven

For retail companies, the advent of technology has meant multiple channels by which to reach the customer. An omnichannel approach allows your customer to browse and buy at their convenience, whether at a physical brick-and-mortar store, through social media, on a website, or via phone. E-commerce in particular is a key technology channel which not […]

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Meeting Consumer Expectations, the Omnichannel Retail Mandate

Today’s omnichannel retail era is all about creating a consistent consumer experience. From in-store pick-up of products ordered online to one-click purchases delivered to your doorstep, the consumer demands ease and convenience. The consumer is shopping in-store, online and from any number of devices, the omnichannel era has arrived but many retail companies aren’t ready […]

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