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Zooming in on OLAP Cubes

This article will zoom in on OLAP cubes as a technology option for Business Intelligence tasks – and how they compare to your other BI data store choices. Let’s dive into the topic of OLAP cubes.  With data steadily growing in size and significance, Business Intelligence (BI) data store solutions are becoming more and more […]

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Dashboards for Microsoft Dynamics AX Customers

Dashboards are everywhere – and for good reason.  In this article, we’ll discuss the #1 tool in the Business Intelligence realm for Microsoft Dynamics AX customers.     If you’ve read my blog articles, you know I’ve written about dashboards before – and this probably won’t be the last time.  There was a recent study on […]

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Modern Financial Reporting for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Financial reporting is figuratively the popular kid in the school of Business Intelligence (BI) – and as the big man on campus, it continues to develop its A-list status by evolving for modern business demands.   Microsoft Dynamics NAV, as do most Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, offers a native financial report writer, called Report Designer.  […]

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Financial Reporting Options for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The business world has definitely landed on a new normal that has to do with being consumer-driven and increasingly more global in nature.  Because of this cultural shift, flexibility and mobility becomes nearly essential.  More specifically, flexibility and mobility refers to how you access your company data on the go to make better decisions faster […]

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Dashboard Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

This is probably not news to you at this point: dashboards are the most sought after Business Intelligence (BI) solution on the market today.  Gartner’s Financial Executive International CFO Technology study in 2013 pointed out that dashboards, scorecards, and performance management solutions are the most important BI investment for CFOs.  The business world of today […]

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OLAP Cube vs. Data Warehouse

Data continues to trend upward as a topic in the world of business as the quantity of data that a company maintains, evaluates, and organizes continues to expand.  Holding onto and utilizing pertinent information is vital for analyzing company strengths and weaknesses, while preparing for successful maturation in the future.  That said, without having IT […]

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