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The Right Time to Ascend into the Cloud

Cloud computing has become extremely popular in both consumer and enterprise markets. While you likely already use the cloud in some private form, you might be reluctant to move your business into the cloud. If you have not already, now might be a good time to ponder over some of the benefits of moving your […]

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5 Ways to Decide Between a Cloud and On-Premise ERP System

Selecting an ERP system is not as simple as just picking a product and partner to roll it out.  You need to know how that ERP software is going to be deployed, or where it is going to reside.  How your ERP solution is deployed will determine how you access the system, who is going […]

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Keep Your Options Open with Cloud ERP

The world of business is being redefined by cloud computing every day. Because of the accelerated rate of change, dealing with pitfalls of cloud deployment, and the tedious task of customizing and upgrading cloud applications, some companies are having a difficult time keeping up with the hastened rate of change. Socius has developed a ‘Power […]

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5 Questions to Ask Your Cloud ERP Partner Before You Buy

Whether you are deploying your ERP solution ( on-premise, having it hosted, or deploying in the cloud, trusting your ERP partner is absolutely essential.  If you are deploying on-premise, you will have a long-term relationship with your ERP partner through ongoing services, education, and more.  However, if your ERP partner is hosting or providing your […]

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20 Questions Cloud ERP Can Answer

There are countless questions that you as a business decision maker are faced with every day.  If you find yourself asking any of the questions below, a Cloud ERP software solution may be the answer: We constantly struggle with staffing qualified IT professionals; how can we reduce or eliminate this need? How can we implement […]

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