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A Red Flag Your Accounting Software Is Hurting Your Non-Profit Business

Non-profit organizations face a number of unique challenges that for-profit businesses generally do not. One of the biggest challenges they face is their reliance on donations, grants and other sources of income that are not guaranteed from one year to the next. Raising money is a part of a non-profit’s identity, and it is imperative that the software it uses to keep track of that money and its organization’s operations is reliable, secure and meets organizational and government standards.

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Video Testimonial: Dynamics GP Helps Private School Keep Their Focus On The Kids

Fidelity & Integrity are two important qualities in education as well as in business. This is the motto for Choate Rosemary Hall, a private co-ed boarding school in Wallingford, Connecticut that traces its roots back to 1890. They have educated thousands of students from around the world including some very well known influencers in our […]

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How to Simplify the Non-Profit Budget Process

Each year I teach a course at Belmont University on financial management for future non-profit leaders— people who never thought they would have to deal with finance. Between arcane accounting rules, the pronouncements of standards boards, and the names of governing agencies, they have a lot of ground to cover. When we get to the section on […]

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Microsoft Dynamics ERP Systems Can Help You Be Brilliant and Lucky!

The contributors to the ERP Software Blog have rallied together to share some of our favorite stories of how our customers have used Microsoft Dynamics to strategically improve their businesses. Collins Computing has shared lucky #13, How our clients use Microsoft Dynamics to report on key data across their organizations. This Whitepaper 25 Brilliant Ideas to […]

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Non-Profits Getting a Boost from Donation Sites

More and more non-profit organizations are using 3rd party systems to accept donations online. In 2010 nearly $1.3 billion was raised online. Allowing people to donate online is becoming one of the easiest ways for non-profits to collect more payments. Not only are online donations easier for people to make, but it can also be […]

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Customizable Grant Reports Help Anchorage Non-Profit Run Smoothly

For Jon Watkins, Chief Financial Officer at Anchorage Community Mental Health Services, producing detailed reports showing spending against various grants is a daily activity. “Our organization operates on up to 16 different grants and medical billing for certain services from 36 divisions and teams, so the reporting process is complex.” Without Microsoft Dynamics GP and […]

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25 Questions to Assess Your Financial and Membership Management Systems

A new Membership and Financial Management Solution Early Assessment Worksheet from BroadPoint Technologies can help Not for Profits and other membership based organizations do a self-check of their current systems.

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