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Marketplace Fairness Act: What You Need to Know

No doubt you’ve heard about the Marketplace Fairness Act, but do you know what it means and how it could affect your business? Here’s a quick read to learn more about the Marketplace Fairness Act and what it could mean to you. What is the Marketplace Fairness Act? The Marketplace Fairness Act is a current […]

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Taxing the Intangible

Our lives are filled with intangible goods (things that can’t be touched or seen even though money may have been paid to purchase them) and with software-as-a-service and digital goods offerings becoming more mainstream, state lawmakers have begun to sit up and take notice of ways in which to tax these intangible goods. Estimates that […]

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Risky Sales Tax Practices to Stop Now

Sales tax is more complicated than ever and unless your business is 100% compliant with all sales tax laws, you are at risk of incurring penalties and interest in the event of a state audit. The sales tax experts at Avalara have put together a list of 7 Sales Tax Practices to Stop Now in […]

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Don’t Mess with Nexus in…Florida? Or California, New York, or Texas!

If your business is expanding, good for you! You’re acquiring new customers, maybe even crossing state lines and venturing into new markets. But before you collect a dime, be sure to educate yourself on the sales tax requirements of any new states you do business in. Nexus (aka the requirement to collect/remit sales tax) laws […]

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Close is NOT Good Enough When It Comes to Sales Tax Compliance!

Close only counts in horseshoes, not in sales tax. Close in sales tax means either you aren’t collecting enough from your customer and are remitting too little to the taxing authorities, or you are overcharging your customer and face customer service issues. Either way, close is not good enough. Underpaying sales tax can prove to be costly. […]

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The Dark Side of Sales Tax Compliance: 12 Sales Tax Tips for 2013

2012 was a turbulent year in the world of sales tax, and 2013 promises to be just as wild. With multiple online sales tax bills currently before Congress, and states passing their own so-called “Amazon laws”, it can be tough to keep up with it all. Couple that with the fact that states are expected […]

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Nexus: Where Ignorance May Not be Bliss

The definition of nexus, as it relates to taxes, is a substantial physical presence between a business and a state.  This presence is the trigger which determines that state is owed various taxes for helping that business establish a market.  As it relates to sales tax it is at this point, when a substantial physical […]

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10 Sales Tax Tips for Your Business

With thousands of rate, rule, and boundary changes every year and an epic legal debate over e-commerce taxation, sales tax has never been more complicated. Yet at the same time, cash-strapped states are hiring more auditors and looking to make sure they collect every penny due to them. Those two factors combined make you more […]

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Everything is Taxable until Proven Otherwise

All it takes is just one missing, expired, or incorrect sales tax exemption certificate for your business to be at risk of losing thousands of dollars in an audit.  While you might think this is a slight exaggeration, it has become a hard reality for many businesses. The truth is that your non-taxable sales are […]

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