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Top Reasons to Purchase an ERP Solution from Microsoft

If you are considering replacing your ERP or Accounting Software, we encourage you to review this video blog series from Admiral Consulting Group.  Microsoft Dynamics and Admiral provide solutions across many industries which are easy to configure and use in order to provide immediate and long term value for your company. Microsoft Dynamics is much […]

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#1 Easiest Way to Gain Efficiency During a Microsoft Dynamics GP Implementation? Throw Away the Secret Decoder Ring!

Those cool plastic rings in the cereal boxes that promised to let you write secret messages to your friends?   No, not those.  But the modern office equivalent:  Go into any office and look on the wall of their cubicles.  What do you see?  Chances are you will see lists – typically lists of codes and […]

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Tips from the Trenches – Top 4 Signs That An Accounting Software Will Meet Your Needs For The Next Decade (Or More.)

No one wants to reinvest in new accounting or ERP software.  That is why it is called an “investment”. We want our package to support our business now AND in the future.  But how do you evaluate an ERP system for longevity? Let me share some “Tips from the Trenches” – a few signs you […]

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How Can Customer Segmentation Help Your Wholesale Distribution Business?

We all want to be treated fairly and be sure our customers are treated fairly while maximizing every customer’s contribution to our business.  Many Wholesale Distributors tend to treat all customers the same, not recognizing that some customers are looking for value added services to help them lower their cost of doing business. Some of your […]

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Sales by… Anything! – in MS Dynamics GP 2010

How much time do you spend making sales analysis reports for your accounting system?   How many different versions do you have to maintain?  Report requests for a typical Dynamics GP for Distribution company might be: Sales manager wants sales by Saleperson Purchasing asks for sales by item by month Sales people needs sales by customer […]

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Customize Microsoft Dynamics GP Without Writing a Line of Code

While working within your accounting system, how often do you say “I really could use more data fields in this window.”?  You might also think “I have this great accounting system, but a good portion of my necessary data is plastered across my desk on notepads and sticky notes.”   When you need data, it should […]

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Driving Accountability with Your Financial Systems

The current economic climate has brought a renewed emphasis on accountability.  Rather than checking general results at the end of the quarter or the end of the month, companies want to see the status of specific initiatives on demand.  When these initiatives aren’t on track, companies want to know why.  My clients and prospective clients […]

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Should the IRS Expand the Criteria for 1099 Reporting?

A question was recently posed in a business journal magazine asking, should the IRS require business owners to submit 1099 forms for every purchase of more than $600? Why or why not? Every time the IRS makes changes to 1099 or payroll tax reporting, it results in U.S. companies incurring a tremendous amount of additional […]

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