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Top 16 Reasons to Attend the Altico-Sikich Fall Festival

If you're within driving distance of Framingham, MA, the Altico-Sikich Fall Festival is not to be missed. I could talk about the awesome keynote speaker, the gala cocktail hour, the prizes galore, and the Hands On Lab that's open all day. But instead, I'm going to give you the top 16 reasons you should attend. The […]

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Is Microsoft Dynamics GP on Your Shortlist? Take the Next Steps with These Free Tools.

If you’re evaluating new business management software for your company and Microsoft Dynamics GP is on your shortlist, you’ve made a great choice! And my guess is that if GP is already on the shortlist, you’ve already conducted a fair amount of research. Therefore, it could be redundant for me to list the attributes and […]

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Microsoft Dynamics GP Industry Breakdown in Percentages

Microsoft Dynamics GP is often called a horizontal solution, because it can be a great, fully integrated business management solution for so many different kinds of companies. Still, it’s a better fit in some industries than in others. There are circles, which shall remain anonymous, where you might hear that Microsoft Dynamics AX is the […]

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Even if Your BOM is Deeper Than the Deep Blue Sea, Microsoft Dynamics GP Can Handle It!

Honestly, how deep is your BOM? It’s rare to find a BOM with more than 20 levels. Even so, what you probably didn’t know is that Microsoft Dynamic GP’s manufacturing suite can handle a BOM with as many as 999 levels. Maybe you’d need that many if you were building a skyscraper. I don’t know. […]

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What’s in a Name? Meet Your Microsoft Dynamics VAR and “The Sweet Sixteen”

In the Microsoft world, the network of partner companies who sell Microsoft Dynamics software are known as VARs (Value Added Resellers). But some, perhaps many, take issue with that nomenclature. As a VAR, I don’t appreciate that acronym either. Here’s why. First of all, no one outside of the Microsoft Dynamics community even knows what […]

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