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Here are a Few of My Favorite Things in Microsoft Dynamics® GP Payroll PART 2: Affordable Tools to Easily Fix Payroll Mistakes

After telling you all about the GP Payroll Freebies , it’s time to turn to some cool add-on products that are not free, but very affordable and hey – in the end can save you mucho time – giving you mucho FREE time – get it? LOL Affordable Tools to Easily Fix Payroll Mistakes Have […]

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Save Time and Frustration with Complex Payroll Processing

As CFO, you trust that the payroll team can process payroll as accurately and efficiently as possible. With the right software in place, this isn’t normally a problem. However, payroll is rarely as straightforward as it should be. Payroll becomes increasingly complex with growth, multiple locations, and employees sharing time across multiple cost centers. As […]

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Get Through Year-End with Fewer Issues, Better Productivity

If you work on a calendar year, you know the next few months are going to get hectic in the payroll department, to say the least. You aren’t alone. Businesses are dealing with holidays and employees using vacation time while trying to prepare month-end, quarter-end, and year-end reports. As employees work hard to keep up […]

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Another Payroll Mistake? Fix it Fast with These 2 Payroll Processing Solutions

Making and correcting mistakes after processing payroll is often a frustrating, time-consuming process for your payroll team. It happens, probably more often than you’d prefer. Correcting these mistakes doesn’t have to be such a nightmare. Save time, money and frustration with these two payroll processing add-on solutions to Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll. Payroll mistakes happen; […]

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Achieve Productivity Goals This Year With Modern Technology

Improving productivity is a common goal for many business leaders; however, it’s often focused on manufacturing operations, distribution activities and customer-facing processes. The payroll department shouldn’t be overlooked. Processing payroll can be a time-consuming, challenging task, especially during periods of growth. Making simple changes in technology can save valuable time, improve the accuracy of payroll […]

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Payroll Corrections Made Easy – Yes, Really!

Occasionally you may experience special payroll situations that require negative deductions or negative transactions.  Employees’ leave and health insurance premiums need to be reversed, or a previous deduction needs adjusting.  Payroll doesn’t always go as smoothly as it should and making these corrections can eat up a big portion of your day. The simple fact […]

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