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Nine Great New Features Available in Key2Act MobileTech R5.0

Key2Act has released MobileTech R5.0 with a long list of new features and functionality that will help technicians do their job better and more efficiently. This new release is compatible with Key2Act Signature 2016 and backward compatible with Signature 2015 R2 SP1 and Signature 2016 R3 SP3. This release is offering technicians more control and […]

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Five Ways to Convince Your Boss You Need ERP Software

All I Want for Christmas is an Accounting System that Works There’s nothing more frustrating than attempting to work on an old, outdated accounting system that doesn’t fit your needs. Going back and forth between your system and spreadsheets, manually entering and exporting data and attempting to rely on untrustworthy information is nothing short of […]

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Take Your Business to an Uber Level with Mobile Technology

Uber has recently hit the streets in Fargo and already has become probably the most popular way for people to get around. The concept is still the same as in 1625 when the first carriages for hire would transport people from point A to point B. So why is Uber so popular? The answer is […]

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Key Benefits of the Reporting Options in Microsoft Dynamics GP

One of the number one things we hear from potential customers is that they need more user-friendly, accessible, professional reports. Once we show them the number of out-of-the-box reporting options in Microsoft Dynamics GP, they’re blown away. SmartLists, Management Reporter and SQL Reporting are all included with GP and include numerous pre-built reporting options.   […]

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