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Bolt-on vs. integrated: What’s best when it comes to expanding your ERP?

Although enterprise resource planning solutions are a critical part of daily operations for all different types of businesses in a range of industries, there are two major options all companies consider when it comes time to expand their ERP capabilities: bolt-on solutions and integrated solutions. Today, we’ll weigh the pros and cons of both styles […]

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12 Questions To Determine the Cost of Your Dynamics GP Upgrade

The topic, how much does a Dynamics GP Upgrade cost, is very popular. Ever since we posted our article giving an estimate of our Dynamics GP upgrade costs and tips to save money on Dynamics GP upgrades we have had quite a few companies calling to ask us for Dynamics GP upgrade quotes. Even if […]

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Enhancements to the Fixed Asset Module in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 will include a number of enhancements for the Fixed Asset module that should be a welcome change for fixed asset end users.

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Deciding Which Version of Microsoft Dynamics GP Is Right for Your Business (Part Two)

Earlier in the month, I published a blog entitled "Deciding Which Version of Microsoft Dynamics GP Is Right for Your Business (Part One)." In that post, I introduced an infographic we recently developed which shows what modules are included with the Business Essentials and Advanced Management editions of Dynamics GP. If you're just starting to […]

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