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Top reasons why Dynamics LCS provides you with more value

HiGH Software is adding even more value to the DynaRent solutions suite. In addition, it integrates fully with Microsoft Dynamics, including mobility and business intelligence. That’s why the latest version of DynaRent for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (and Microsoft Dynamics AX) takes full advantage of the new Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS). In particular, […]

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You need to know about the emerging trend: Transportation as a Service

Within the automotive industry, a major current trend is Transportation as a Service (TaaS). A shift from personally owned modes of transportation towards mobility solutions that you can consume as a service. There are new questions in this new world of mobility that include: Why own modes of transportation when they are only used 20% of […]

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Mobile Dynamics AX Capabilities: Maximize Profitability from Mobility

The emergence of new technologies and the exponential growth of mobility is compelling businesses to cater to a multitude of device form factors and offer experiences that are optimized for higher productivity. ERP vendors like Microsoft are making major investments in enabling new scenarios and new ways for users to work with hand-held devices. Mobile […]

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Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV and SL Field Service with Smartphones and Tablets

Field Service can come in many flavors: home installations, oil fields, construction sites and electronics distribution are just a few of the industries looking for better traceability of their inventory in the field. You may have a fleet of trucks and field technicians. You may have Depots, Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) or Customer Managed Inventory […]

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Do Tablets Fit Into Your Business Plan?

Tablets are gaining in popularity in the business sector as well as for home use.  You may be wondering whether introducing tablets would be beneficial to your bottom line.  When answering this question, your first thought may be 'only if it helps business'!  Well the good news is it can, especially when mobile devices work […]

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Mobile Solutions Opening New Doors for Manufacturers

Mobile solutions are opening new doors for manufacturers and companies in general. With the boom of tablet devices and their incredible ease-of-use, mobile solutions are a quick and effective way to improve your operations. Mostly everyone knows how to use them and let’s face it, the novelty of the item makes it fun! But how […]

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Days Stuck at Your Desk May Be Over: Cloud Computing Increases Mobility

You probably know the feeling of being confined to your desk if you have a crazy day of work. Depending on the type of work you do, it can feel restrictive and your work may even suffer. Well help is here! In addition to the cost benefits of cloud computing, companies report the cloud also […]

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Three Prevalent Trends for ERP Software: SaaS, Vertical Focus, and Mobility

Whether you use ERP software, sell ERP software, or are just plain interested in the ERP software market, it’s important to know what others are doing to get the most out of their solutions. Insight into three trends will hopefully give some insight into what’s around the corner as well as what is already here. […]

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Understanding the Mobile Computing Trends Before Moving Forward

Rather than getting caught up in mobile mania, businesses may want to wait until the full landscape of hardware, operating systems, and business applications becomes clear. Here are some trends to watch and understand before you move forward with mobility ERP solutions: Choices will expand. As tablet computers get more popular, they will (and already […]

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