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The free app experience – lessons learned

By WithoutWire Inventory Sciences   Turbo Tax has tackled a very complex subject – US Tax Law - with an online experience that is quite remarkable.  How many iterations did they go through to achieve a user-friendly experience?  Consider how many tax consultants were put out of a job when Tax Software became broadly accepted.  […]

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Need A More Productive Warehouse? There’s a Mobile App for that!

-Increase Productivity With Warehouse Mobile App- Are you a manufacturing COO or CFO, and your company is struggling with shipping over ten truckloads per day? Clients First can help increase productivity by implementing a warehouse mobile app that works alongside most versions of Dynamics AX.  This solution is perfect for the company that needs sophisticated picking […]

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“It’s an App-world after all”

Apps, by definition, reside in the Cloud and have become ubiquitous in our small world! Are friends in your network talking about Cloud and SaaS as though it is all something new?  Wait-a-minute, I thought my iTunes apps were in the cloud for the past 10 years?  I thought all of the smartphones have enabled […]

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ERP Mobile Apps for Manufacturing

Mobile apps empower customers, partners, and employees to accomplish a task, receive an alert, answer a question, or send a message. What happens when ERP solution providers develop mobile apps? You get solutions that enable employees to perform focused tasks that are backed by a robust ERP database solution. Mobile apps allow the user to […]

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