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Turnkey’s Top 5 ERP Blogs of 2013!

Turnkey Technologies, Inc. published a number of blogs in 2013 regarding Microsoft Dynamics GP.  We strive to be a go-to resource for both existing users and for potential customers interested in learning the basics of Dynamics GP and we hope you find our blog posts helpful and informative.  Here are the Top 5 ERP Blogs […]

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Field Level Security in Dynamics GP

Many companies have a need to grant Dynamics GP users access to a window, but not all functionality within that window.  For example, many clients will want users to be able to input invoices, but not post them individually.  Instead, they will force users to save invoice transactions to a batch such that a manager […]

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4 Ways to Ensure Success with Your New ERP Software System Implementation

Switching to a new ERP program, like Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains), presents great opportunities within your company for increasing efficiency, improved reporting and analytics, and reducing the overall costs of operations. Should be smooth sailing from this point forward, right? Not so fast. In many ways, the toughest part of a companywide software implementation is just beginning.

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How to improve your cash flow with Dynamics GP Collections Management

Years ago I used to do some collecting for a finance company.  I had to use manual ledger cards to track notes of my collection efforts with many different customers and it was a pain.  I wish I could have used an automated collection system like Microsoft Dynamics GP offers with its Collections Management module.  […]

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