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Microsoft FRx Essential for Financial Reporting

Microsoft FRx is an industry-leading, automated financial reporting and analysis application for small and midsize businesses, large corporations, and divisions of global enterprises. It is licensed by more than 130,000 sites worldwide to help financial professionals gain immediate control of the financial reporting process. Here are just some of the ways Microsoft FRx can help […]

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Be My Valentine – Why CPAs Love Microsoft Dynamics GP

We’ve been working closely with our CPA partners to understand what they care most about when asked to help their clients find a new accounting or ERP system.  Here are the top reasons they gave us for recommending Microsoft Dynamics GP to their clients: Strong Audit Trail – Dynamics GP tracks all transaction activity making […]

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Choosing the Right Business Intelligence (BI) Tool For Your ERP System

The key to unlocking the powerful business intelligence capabilities of any ERP/Accounting system is understanding which of the many reporting engines is the right tool for the job.  Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains) is no exception.  In fact, Dynamics GP offers an exceptional number of analytical tools from which to choose.  But which ones […]

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Three FRx Tips To Help With Your New Year’s Budgets And Reports

For those of you who will be using Microsoft’s FRx Report Writer for your year-end reports and 2010 budgets, here are some helpful shortcuts from one of our FRx experts at the TM Group, a Microsoft Dynamics partner in Michigan:  Tip #1  A common request this time of year is to provide a copy of the trial […]

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