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Why is Microsoft Dynamics GP a Trusted Solution for Your Business?

Run your business and delight your customers with the tools you need to increase insight, grow sales, manage your financials, and stay compliant. Microsoft business management solutions go beyond simple integration with Microsoft productivity tools like Outlook, Word, and Excel. With a single sign-on you can access your business applications from within Office and share […]

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6 Qualities That Make a Good Project Manager

As my esteemed colleague noted in an earlier blog on Project Management, it takes a special kind of person to want to step up or into a role that has potential for high stress. But there are those of us who do want to see a project come to fruition and be able to “take it […]

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ERP Training: How to Avoid One-Size-Fits-All

End-user ERP training strategy is often treated with a bit of neglect and mostly as an afterthought. The technical, development and functional implementation teams are worn out from user acceptance testing, which is typically completed just before end-user training. At that point in the project, it is full steam ahead towards go-live, the budget is […]

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Infographic: Bridge the Project Management Gap Between Your Finance and Operations Departments

As project deadlines shorten and budgets tighten, it has become more important than ever that project information be easily traceable, reliable, and up-to-date. This is why it has become a necessity to have more accurate and real-time reporting so that everyone is reviewing the same information across your organization so that all departments may be […]

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Why Microsoft Dynamics ERP Projects Need Situational Leadership

My last note was on the stages of an implementation project and what each stage entails for the organization. Today we’ll be looking at how leadership flows through those various stages of an ERP and CRM implementation. Any project (including a full Microsoft Dynamics ERP implementation) drives change, how the change is handled will ultimately […]

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