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Why Choose a Microsoft Dynamics ERP System

Why choosing a Microsoft Dynamics ERP system is the best long-term investment you can make Sometimes it makes sense to find an out of the way restaurant that only a few people know about. Generally, though, I would like to find that one that everyone is going to. Whether it is because of the quality […]

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Why Should the Evolution in Business Intelligence Matter to You?

For many years, there was a wide chasm between traditional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and business intelligence.  Anyone wanting to thoroughly analyze their data had to either write a number of complex reports or engage in a complex and very expensive data warehousing project.  Most businesses simply walked away from either the challenge, or […]

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Data Entry Efficiency in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Data entry in any software solution is a critical component to creating important business data. If items are entered incorrectly, reports cannot be trusted and you will be bogged down cross-referencing data. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 has some new features available that allow you to customize pages by organizing fast tabs and creating quick entry […]

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Answers from a Rental Software Expert: Rental Industry Growth, Pains, and Solutions

After our time at Las Vegas for The Rental Show, I was interviewed to show what I took away from this year’s event. In a nutshell, I took away a LOT more than sleep deprivation… What was different at this year’s Rental Show? I think the biggest thing is that the economy seems to be […]

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Be Ahead of the Game with Rental Management Software

Did you know the rental industry is expected to increase 71% by 2016 (Source: American Rental Association)? With this rapid growth comes rapid change and the only way to be prepared is to have flexible and integrated software that will provide real-time, accurate information at a moment’s notice. Let’s take a look at two examples […]

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Staying Up To Date on Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Software systems today can no longer survive by only getting updated once every couple of years; the pace of technology is so fast and business changes to quickly. Microsoft Dynamics Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) products are no different.  Like Server and Desktop Operating Systems there are bugs that are encountered, new security vulnerabilities exposed, and major […]

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The Top 3 Reasons Financing Your Microsoft Accounting Software Can Benefit Your Organization

There’s no discrimination when it comes to financing available for organizations regardless of size and maturity. Organizations can start reaping the benefits immediately from accounting/ERP software packages like Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly called Great Plains) or AX without the large upfront cost. Not only can companies obtain financing from Microsoft for their accounting software but […]

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