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WithoutWire™ Partial Picking – Minimizing the Impact of Changing Sales Orders

At what point do you freeze sales orders so that they can be picked?  If your organization is dealing with the constant struggle between giving customers flexibility and operating an efficient warehouse, the WithoutWire™ (WoW) WMS functionality can be a powerful tool enabling the best of both worlds.  Picking methods cannot be completely decoupled from […]

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Microsoft Dynamics Smartphones and Tablets for Supply Chain Automation

Microsoft announced a major re-organization Thursday that aims to power its mobile efforts.  In fact, this is the largest re-alignment of its divisions in over 5 years! According to Alexei Oreskovic, Thomson Reuters, “Lack of coordination and infighting have hurt innovation within the $74 billion revenue, 98,000-employee organization, which hopes to accelerate the design of […]

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Apple and Microsoft Living in Supply Chain Harmony

    Some of the most compelling tech news used to come from conversations or comparisons between the late Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple and Bill Gates, former CEO of Microsoft.  They each offered a stark contrast to the other as two colossal tech giants competing voraciously for the same client mind share and […]

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NEW White Paper: 12 Revolutionary Ideas that Fuel Distributor Profits

Now you can transform your distribution business by automating the track and trace of your inventory inside your 4 walls and at your Remote locations.  Tracking inventory by Item, by Lot, by expiration, by Date, by Quantity and by Vendor can be paper intensive and error prone.  By automating each movement of your inventory through its […]

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Is Your ERP Software Data Safe On An iPad?

Apple iPads are everywhere.  It seems you cannot go a day without seeing an iPad commercial or hearing someone talk about the ultra-popular tablets.  Despite its popularity among consumer electronics enthusiasts and celebrities, a large portion of the business world remains skeptical about the iPad’s readiness for enterprise-level environments and applications such as ERP. Security […]

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Microsoft Dynamics on the iPad – Extend Your Investment

Lately, it is rare that I go into a meeting and someone doesn’t pull out his or her iPad. Apple's iPad is stirring up a lot of enterprise interest. In fact, reports show that 50% of the Fortune 500 are deploying the iPad across the organization. And I can see why. Having real-time insight to your […]

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