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How Different Approval Types Within Your Timesheet Can Save Time for Your Project-Based Business

Once seen as a new trend, a matrix-based structure has now become the standard in many project-based businesses. However, while allowing more flexibility and agility, the different dimensions of management found in this organizational structure may not be accurately represented with the basic approval capabilities of timesheets. If an employee answers to more than one […]

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Vital Features in Dynamics GP: Classes and Types

Your Operational ERP system is about more than storing information — it’s about using your data to make forward-thinking decisions so you can see more ROI and more growth. Leveraging your data for success shouldn’t require the heavy lifting of cross-referencing and painstaking data entry. Are you using your Operational ERP system to cut back […]

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Maximisez le potentiel de vos systèmes Microsoft Dynamics GP et Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement avec une intégration complète

Les solutions Dynamics de Microsoft mettent à votre disposition des systèmes complets et évolutifs à partir desquels compléter vos tâches et activités. Microsoft Dynamics GP est un système financier reconnu pour sa stabilité et sa robustesse, alors que Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement offre une plateforme de gestion de la relation client flexible. Dans son […]

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Webinar: Take Control of Your Inventory & Assets with Panatrack – June 19th, 2018

Tuesday, June 19th, 2018 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CST Register Today!   Join Crestwood and Panatrack for a free, 1-hour demo of their barcode inventory tracking. Panatrack has been producing leading Inventory Control and Asset tracking software for Dynamics GP since 2004. Learn how: To capture and record inventory transactions when they occur Things […]

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Webinar: Dynamics GP 2018 New Features & The Power BI Content Pack – June 12, 2018

Tuesday, June 12, 2018 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM (CST) Register Here!    Get a first look at Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018. Join Mary Lenehan at Crestwood for this full feature demo. She will cover great new features, updates, and the Power BI Content Pack for Dynamics GP.

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Cloud Services: The Good, the Bad, & Things They Don’t Tell You

If you are considering moving to the cloud, you might want to check out what our Cloud Services expert, Jason Sheaffer has to offer. Jason has helped businesses like yours switch to the cloud and save up to 20% annually. Everything you need to know is shared in this 3 part, short video series. Learn […]

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Is It Time to Automate Your Purchase Orders?

If your business is focused on inventory, you probably fill out purchase orders on a regular basis. Creating purchase orders manually is a time-consuming task. It’s a process that costs money and involves some trial and error. If you’re still manually creating purchase orders, it might be time for your company to invest in an […]

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How can better Financial Reporting with Microsoft Dynamics enable a successful Audit?

One of the best defenses against business setbacks, and an important driver of business performance, is having an up-to-date accounting system that minimizes risk and enables the creation and preservation of value. Successful organizations know how to take advantage of opportunities and counter potential flaws and therefore improve their performance, in many instances through effective […]

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How does Microsoft Dynamics reporting of data offer Accountability Today?

Dynamics GP is a complete solution for small to medium sized businesses. Dynamics GP helps you gain control over your primary business drivers. From financials to reporting and E Banking -Dynamics brings people and systems together to support your business ambitions. Dynamics GP or Dynamics SL can provide you the power to choose how you […]

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5 Best Practices to Remember During Your Operational ERP Implementation

  As you navigate change, taking the right steps to be fully prepared can make the difference between your business’s success and failure. This is true when implementing Operational ERP software into your business. Have you ever experienced a messy Operational ERP implementation? Instead of blaming the software right off the bat, you might want to […]

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