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Calendar Year End Prep in Microsoft Dynamics GP

View our free webinars    Sign up for WebSan University Download a FREE Demo This blog is part 1 of 2 where we will walk through a step-by-step of how to complete the prep for Year-End closings for companies using Calendar Year-end. There are four modules that come into effect during the year end process. Inventory (INV) […]

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Don’t Run the Automatic Payroll Tax Update in GP Without Considering This!

 There were changes to U.S. Payroll Taxes as late as November in 2012, while some of those same states already have tax changes in 2013 too.  So, be sure you ONLY have the 2012 Payroll Taxes in your system while running the last payroll run for 2012.  If your system is updated prematurely with the tax changes for […]

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Dynamics GP Quick Tip to Help You Identify Incorrect General Ledger Account Posting Type Prior to Year-end Closing

The Microsoft Dynamics GP general ledger year end closing checklist includes the point to, “Print an account list to verify the posting type of each account.”  We use two simple SmartList options to make this test fast and easy. First, you can only use this if you have a clean break in your main account segment between […]

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Year-End Closing Tips in Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll Module

It’s that favorite time of year for controllers and accountants everywhere – Year-End. With holidays quickly approaching and days getting shorter, staying on top of year-end closing items can become a headache. Microsoft Dynamics GP Gold Partner, SBS Group, provides year-end closing assistance for businesses nationwide. However, if you want a tip on closing payroll […]

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