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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 Roadmap: Get Excited about New Releases!

Microsoft does a fantastic job of updating their products with relevant enhancements that make their products more robust, user friendly, and efficient.  With decades of experience and a focus on user feedback, they address key areas and deliver improvements that resonate with their users. Microsoft recently laid out their new product development cycle, which is […]

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Turnkey’s Top 5 ERP Blogs of 2013!

Turnkey Technologies, Inc. published a number of blogs in 2013 regarding Microsoft Dynamics GP.  We strive to be a go-to resource for both existing users and for potential customers interested in learning the basics of Dynamics GP and we hope you find our blog posts helpful and informative.  Here are the Top 5 ERP Blogs […]

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Learn the 90/10 Rule of ERP Software: Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics GP

Do you know that around 90% of ERP software functionality is consistent across different vendors?  The remaining 10% makes all the difference, and that’s where Microsoft stands above its competitors.  It is for this reason that you should look beyond just basic functionality requirements when determining what system is right for you.  Consider key differentiators […]

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