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Add a Feature to an Existing Microsoft Dynamics GP Installation

Open control panel > Programs > Programs and features Select Microsoft Dynamics GP and click Change Select Add/Remove Features and it will move you to the next screen. Right click on the Fixed Asset Management feature (Or any feature that you want to install, provided it’s already installed on the server) and select ‘Run from […]

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Vendor Combiner & Modifier in Microsoft Dynamics GP

In some cases, there is a need to combine two vendors into a single vendor. For instance, if two vendors were set up independently but should only be a single vendor, and both have open or historical documents. Additionally, you may want to rename a vendor to streamline your vendor list or correct a typo. […]

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Bank Deposit, Bank Transactions, & Reconcile Bank Statement Windows in Microsoft Dynamics GP

In Dynamics GP there are a few windows related to cash receipt, bank activity and reconciliation of bank statements; below is a breakdown of each window: Bank Deposit – enter a deposit of funds (with or without receipt) that updates the checkbook Cash Receipt Entry – recording of funds received from a customer Bank Transactions […]

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How to Compare Sales Receivables to Your GL Accounts in Microsoft Dynamics GP

At some point, while you're using Microsoft Dynamics GP, you may notice your Accounts Receivable and General Ledger accounts don’t match your trial balance total. The best process to remedy this imbalance is to go through your records on a month by month basis and identify the month where there’s a discrepancy. Once you identify […]

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Customize your Menu Bar in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

The menu bar in Microsoft Dynamics GP helps a user to easily manoeuvre around Great Plains. To optimize this feature, you can benefit from modifying and adding commonly used buttons in the menu bar. You can add buttons that fall under a variety of categories such as Financial, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory and Manufacturing. In the […]

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Microsoft Dynamics GP Tip – Prevent Posting to Control Accounts

Did you know that Microsoft Dynamics GP automatically directs transactions to control accounts? For example, when a sale is invoiced and the invoice is posted, a transaction is usually posted to the AR account. Once the payments are received and posted, the AR account is again adjusted by automatically generated transactions. Manual postings to these control accounts […]

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2 Tips to Improving SmartLists in Dynamics GP

With some customers moving to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, we have found an issue with the export from Smartlist to Excel.  The formatting of amounts will appear correct in Smartlist but when exported will drop some leading zeroes (in some cases) and currency amounts are being exported with 5 decimals and no currency symbol.  With […]

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