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How to Budget the Cost of Microsoft Dynamics ERP Accounting Software

Perhaps you are thinking of upgrading or replacing your current ERP or accounting software system; no doubt, after weighing your options, you are considering one of the Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions. You’ve decided that Microsoft Dynamics ERP provides the functionality you need, but what about the price? Does it fit your budget? There is an […]

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Is Microsoft Dynamics GP on Your Shortlist? Take the Next Steps with These Free Tools.

If you’re evaluating new business management software for your company and Microsoft Dynamics GP is on your shortlist, you’ve made a great choice! And my guess is that if GP is already on the shortlist, you’ve already conducted a fair amount of research. Therefore, it could be redundant for me to list the attributes and […]

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How to Set a Budget Cost for Microsoft Dynamics GP

If you are considering replacing your current accounting software, you should consider Microsoft Dynamics GP.  It is designed to work for you by replacing your current accounting software that may be undersized and outdated.  But how much does Microsoft Dynamics GP cost? To help you budget for this type of project, The ERP Software Blog […]

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5 New Enhancements That Make Life Easier for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Users

“Don’t bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.” – William Faulkner Microsoft’s team of developers know the intuition behind business processes and how to turn those processes into new software functionality.  With their experience, they continuously strive to enhance Microsoft Dynamics GP in pursuit of formulating […]

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Need ERP Software Pricing, Trial Software, or a Demo? Find your answers here!

With the advanced search capabilities of consumers these days, it is not enough to tell people to 'contact us' if you want to discuss pricing or have a peek at a software module. So Collins Computing is putting it all out there! We have a 'Self-Service' style of facilitating our prospects with the information they need IMMEDIATELY! Here are […]

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Compare Pricing for Dynamics GP Hosting Providers – 7 Hidden Differences

A company we are working with in the Dynamics GP software selection process recently asked me to provide a cost comparison of two well known Microsoft Dynamics GP hosting providers. Not just the monthly price, but a long list of 38 specific comparison points.  This was a time consuming but enlightening exercise. If you are […]

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