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Need an ERP that Works with Your Existing Software? Why Dynamics GP May Be Your Best Bet.

Many times when helping current and prospective clients choose an accounting or ERP package, I have been asked whether I feel Microsoft Dynamics GP delivers any specific advantages to users simply by being a Microsoft product. I have always answered with the truth:  I feel that Microsoft Dynamics GP is a great product all by […]

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Learn How to Empower Sales by Integrating Microsoft Dynamics GP with Dynamics CRM

Why Integrate? Today’s customers have a considerable amount of tools at their disposal for researching their future purchases.  Consequently, sales teams should be equipped with the tools they need to know their customers and engage them in a way that is relevant and meaningful. Having access to thorough information about customers and products is a crucial element […]

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Integration with LOB Applications Fuels Productivity

Line-of-business (LOB) applications are the software programs that you use to serve the unique needs of your industry. From engineering to health records management to membership services, LOB apps are the specialized applications that support your organization and keep you competitive in your industry. Loss of efficiency While LOB applications provide excellent functionality, fulfilling the […]

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Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration Supports Growing Real Estate Coaching & Training Organization

In today’s competitive business environment executives are realizing the importance of a collaborative technical infrastructure to an organization's future success. Companies are trading their simple “island systems” for a comprehensive business technology solution that will improve communication and collaboration, automate processes, and expand information sharing. The Mike Ferry Organization (MFO), a company that provides real estate coaching […]

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A Flexible Import Framework for Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration with Third-Party Services

For many companies, Microsoft Dynamics GP is not the only software generating financial transactions. The implementation of third-party applications, such as point-of-sale terminals and web stores are vital to the operation of today’s businesses. The challenge is bringing all of those data elements together in Dynamics GP so a comprehensive and accurate view of the […]

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