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Should You Invest in a Microsoft Dynamics Annual Maintenance Plan?

When you purchase an on-premise version of Microsoft Dynamics, you’ll be charged for the software itself plus one year of maintenance. The first year is mandatory, but in subsequent years you have a choice to continue the annual maintenance plan (also referred to as an enhancement plan) or let it lapse. The fee for the […]

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3 Sure Steps to a Smooth Microsoft Dynamics Implementation

Implementing a new ERP solution can seem like a daunting project. And while it certainly isn’t something to take on lightly, choosing the right partner can significantly ease and accelerate the entire process. Whether it’s your organization’s first step into ERP, or you’re upgrading from a legacy system to one that’s better suited to meet your modern business challenges, […]

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How to Plan for Microsoft Dynamics GP Implementation

An ERP implementation is one of the most difficult challenges a company can weather together. Keeping the process on-schedule and under-budget can be challenging, but it is possible. Follow these steps to ensure a greater chance of success during your Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation and to avoid the top ERP software problems. Build A Strong […]

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Sink or Swim: Why a Phased Rollout for ERP Implementation is Best

While recently eating lunch with our owner and president, Chris Gherardini, he told me a story from his teenage years spent as a lifeguard and swimming instructor. Not long after, I was sitting in on a planning session for a client’s Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation. As Chris was describing the benefits of a phased rollout […]

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3 Obvious But Often Overlooked Microsoft Dynamics GP Implementation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Deciding to undergo a Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation for your business can be one of the most exciting and important projects that you undertake. Implementing a Microsoft Dynamics GP system can be a daunting task and will definitely require an investment of time.  There are certainly a few issues that can arise so we wanted […]

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More Information on New Releases for Microsoft Dynamics GP Coming in 2014!

Excitement continues to grow for the new releases of Microsoft Dynamics GP scheduled to roll out in 2014!  I wrote a blog roughly two weeks ago highlighting the first announcement of these two new releases and promising to keep our readers informed with new information as it becomes available.  I’d like to follow up on […]

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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 Roadmap: Get Excited about New Releases!

Microsoft does a fantastic job of updating their products with relevant enhancements that make their products more robust, user friendly, and efficient.  With decades of experience and a focus on user feedback, they address key areas and deliver improvements that resonate with their users. Microsoft recently laid out their new product development cycle, which is […]

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Size Doesn’t Matter: 4 Big Reasons Why Small Companies Should Adopt an ERP Solution

There is a common misconception that Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions are only within reach for big businesses.  Ten years ago I would have agreed with that, but advancements over the years have greatly increased the availability of technology for any size business.  In fact, there are numerous reasons why small businesses can, and should, […]

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