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More Information on New Releases for Microsoft Dynamics GP Coming in 2014!

Excitement continues to grow for the new releases of Microsoft Dynamics GP scheduled to roll out in 2014!  I wrote a blog roughly two weeks ago highlighting the first announcement of these two new releases and promising to keep our readers informed with new information as it becomes available.  I’d like to follow up on […]

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Turnkey’s Top 5 ERP Blogs of 2013!

Turnkey Technologies, Inc. published a number of blogs in 2013 regarding Microsoft Dynamics GP.  We strive to be a go-to resource for both existing users and for potential customers interested in learning the basics of Dynamics GP and we hope you find our blog posts helpful and informative.  Here are the Top 5 ERP Blogs […]

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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Enhancements Blog #4: Bank Reconciliation & Multicurrency Management

Along with the General Ledger Enhancements that we previously talked about, Microsoft Dynamics GP has new enhancements to Bank Reconciliation & Multicurrency Management that will allow you to work with more accuracy and efficiency. Here are a few of these enhancements that will make your job easier: Bank Reconciliation Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 adds a […]

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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Enhancements Blog #3: Payables Management & Receivables Management

In the previous blog for our Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Enhancements Blog Series we discussed the new General Ledger enhancements.  For this installment, we are going to continue discussing financial enhancements, but with a focus on Payables and Receivables Management.  These new features will allow you to work more accurately and effectively when managing your cash […]

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4 New Enhancements for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 that Users Will Love

With the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 there have been over 150 enhancements. Microsoft’s team of developers used feedback from their customers and marketing research to determine what needed to be done to make Microsoft Dynamics GP even better than before. These new enhancements make things simpler and put you in a better position […]

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