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Five Keys to Better Business Financial Management

Do you struggle to get financial information fast enough? Do you feel pressured by heightened economic uncertainty? Are you needing to manage a growing number of transactions? Are you faced with growing internal or external regulatory oversight? Do you need to simplify your risk and compliance processes? If you answered yes to any of these […]

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How New Businesses Are Getting a Boost from the Cloud

There is a lot of buzz around the cloud and cloud computing, but is it really helping businesses grow?  The answer is YES! Start-ups and new businesses especially are seeing benefits from deploying business systems, like ERP software, in the cloud.  In a recent study, Rackspace found that 43% of entrepreneurs with new businesses said […]

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What do Google+ and Microsoft Dynamics ERP Have in Common?

I was reading a blog post this morning about the ways that Google+ is changing how people use the internet, even though people don’t really want to use it.  As I read, I was struck with how familiar the language was.  Especially phrases like: “Features don't matter. In fact, focusing on features does nothing more […]

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