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Rethink Cost Cutting By Deploying An ERP Solution

Many businesses have learned to do more with less after the last recession, especially manufacturers and distributors.  Thinning profit margins put the pressure on many decisions including inventory and procurement strategies, shipping and logistics, and labor productivity.  Instead of second-guessing spending, rethink cost-cutting by deploying a robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. When using multiple […]

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Keeping It Simple With ERP

Businesses processes can become complicated over time.  Financial operations grow more complex as your businesses expands.  Managing inventory can also become increasingly confusing as your supply chain increases in size.  Disparate specialty software and elaborate spreadsheets only add to the confusion.  Get back to simpler times by deploying a straightforward enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. […]

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Add Forward Momentum To Optimism With An ERP Solution

As reported by the Arizona Business News, small businesses are reporting the highest levels of optimism in over eight years.  As major contributors to the gross domestic product and with the largest share of hiring, small businesses can impose a positive impact to the economy.  Small businesses can maintain that optimism and drive growth with […]

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3 Ways to Get Ready For A Great Year: For Business

The turn of the New Year often inspires businesses to make new plans for growth.  Looking back at the past may indicate new ways to improve products or processes or find other ways that lead to a healthier bottom line.  Get ready for a great year by strengthening your business management system. Are you or […]

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You May Not Need Big Data To Get Big Insight

There is a lot of talk about harnessing the power of big data and there could be something to that.  However, before you make that leap, have you already harnessed the data that you generate each day?  Replace disparate, specialty software programs with an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution and you can use your […]

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The Problem With Too Much Data & Data Overload

There is a lot of talk about the value of big data and using volumes of data to drive business growth.  However, there is a dark side to having too much data – data overload.  Big data can be confusing, misconstrued, and send your business in unexpected directions.  Here’s what you need to do in […]

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ERP Can Protect The Bottom Line For Health Care Facilities

Healthcare businesses face a unique set of challenges including increasing costs for care and services and decreasing efficiencies. Regulations are also constantly changing and the pressure to find new ways to remain profitable is a constant concern.  Streamline operations and protect your bottom line by implementing a robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Administrators and […]

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ERP Is Moving To The Cloud At The Speed Of Light

Cloud computing has been in the news for years now and software providers have been offering cloud-based services for quite some time.  Now businesses are moving entire enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems into the cloud and they appear to be moving in that direction more than previously thought. According to a survey of IT executives […]

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Compliance Isn’t a Drain on the Bottom Line with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Maintaining compliance with regulatory obligations shouldn’t be difficult or sink to the bottom of the priority list.  On the contrary, regulatory compliance offers a win-win scenario for businesses.  Not only can you avoid costly fines, lawsuits, or tarnished reputations, you can improve employee productivity and efficiencies that can lead to a healthier bottom line. Few […]

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