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ERP Business Intelligence: Using Calculated Measures in Microsoft Dynamics

  In the previous Turnkey Technologies BI Blog, we defined BVDs (BI Value Differentiators) and identified one Dynamics ERP BVD, Analysis Cubes for Excel (ACE). Today we are not covering BI geo-spatial analysis, natural language queries or BI dashboard eye candy. The banner ads on the internet show us enough of that for the moment. […]

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Microsoft Dynamics BI Blog #1 – BI Analysis Cubes Differentiate ERP Analysis

As Football/Hockey season is kicking off—let’s kick-off the Turnkey Technologies BI Blog Series! Business intelligence turns information into action through data gathering, analysis, monitoring, and forecasting to identify opportunities, minimize risk, and improve management insight. This BI definition above reminds us of an often-seen GEICO TV commercial, “Everybody Knows That”. Like many worthwhile endeavors requiring […]

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Reporting Done Right

Every business needs to get their reporting done. It is never an easy task to take on. Employees will need to review all their information and export it into Excel spreadsheets. After that, you will drill-down or pull that information into charts to visualize the data. Of course after a while, this task becomes time […]

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11 Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Tools for Better Business Decisions

“Life is just an endless chain of judgments.… The more imperfect our judgment, the less perfect our success.”  B.C. Forbes      Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 offers business intelligence, data analysis and reporting tools to help you make smarter business decisions. Having quicker and easier access to your data provides greater business insights and better judgments. Microsoft […]

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Why Business Intelligence Should Be a Part of Your Business Practices within Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

In the day and age where information is available at our fingertips, why are so many companies still struggling to piece together two or three different reports to do the analysis they need?  Another struggle has been the combination of quantitative and qualitative data into one analysis.  With Microsoft Dynamics 2010 you do not have […]

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