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Prevent Shipping Short-Dated Products to Your Customers with Microsoft Dynamics AX

In pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries, it is critical to avoid shipping short-dated products to customers. This helps to improve customer satisfaction and avoid unnecessary credit returns and waste throughout the whole supply chain, starting from manufacturers, distributors, retail stores and all the way to end users. Customers of food and drug industries always […]

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Microsoft Dynamics AX Timesaving Tip: Copying Order Line Items

Getting through repetitive tasks like creating Sales Orders and Purchase Orders with less data entry is a goal for many of us.  Why not create your new orders by pulling in line items you need from a past order, quote, or other document record? This Microsoft Dynamics AX tip will provide the steps to allow […]

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Working with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012’s Excel Add-In Tools

ERP software users often look for ways to eliminate the complexity of reporting and their reliance on IT staff and consultants to produce reports.  Within Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012’s sophisticated architecture, reporting, business intelligence gathering, and data mining can present challenges for some.  To put reporting back in the hands of those who need it, Microsoft […]

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Microsoft Dynamics AX Tip: Automating Reports

When running a large report or running a daily or other frequently required report, scheduling provides a convenient option for ensuring that the report is readily available when you need it. Benefits of Automating Reports to Run on a Schedule: no need to be tied to your computer while a report runs repetitive reports can […]

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