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Five Ways to Turn Business Data into Business Insight

Part 5: Make Information More Accessible with the Cloud   This is the fifth and final post in our five-part series, Five Ways to Turn Business Data into Business Insight. We’ve previously looked at how dashboards can provide easy information access to your team members based on their specific roles, how self-service BI reporting can lighten the load […]

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Selecting the Right ERP: Cloud or On-premises?

Your ERP system is sort of like your car: It's probably hard to imagine your day-to-day routine without it, even if you don't spend a lot of time consciously thinking about what it does. A car gets you to the office, the store and back home, while ERP underpins all of your key business processes […]

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Microsoft SLA Uptime Service Credits: Decoding the Fine Print

Author: Rob Curls An IT professional meets a cloud services provider at a party and asks, "So, you're available? How available?" It sounds like a cheesy pickup line, but with today's vague and sometimes complicated SLAs (service level agreements), it is exactly the question you should be asking about your online services.   With regard […]

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Enterprise CIO’s Are Betting on Innovation!

One of the habits I try to maintain has been to make the pilgrimage to Chicago every fall for the CIO Perspectives Event. Put together by IDG for senior-level IT Leaders, it’s always been one of my favorite conferences for getting a “finger on the pulse” of what is keeping some of the best and brightest CIOs' attention these days.

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Microsoft Cloud Focus Moves to Federal Government

As noted on, Microsoft Corp. announced on November 15 the availability of cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics business solutions which are designed for the unique security and functionality requirements of U.S. federal government agencies. Delivered in a Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA)-compliant, federal-only, infrastructure environment, these solutions enable government organizations to collaborate, manage data, improve processes, […]

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Weather Forecast for the Cloud: “Forget about the Forecast, What about Today??”

Experts analyze on a daily basis what they think the cloud will be next year or in five years, but what about what cloud computing is and means today? We have been so focused on the future that I think our thoughts of the current cloud have been skewed. Cloud computing is not a new concept, it’s […]

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