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Effective ERP Demands Updated Business Processes

Remote operations, home-based workers and accelerating customer expectations are all reasons that smart organizations are revisiting their current business processes. Many of the processes that worked when the entire team was in one warehouse or office don’t provide the best support for the extended workplace. Customers expect immediate responses with real time status. Department managers […]

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Have Your Business Needs Changed Since the Last Time You Checked? Three Questions to Ask Yourself

If you already have an ERP solution in place, you probably did a thorough job of listing your business needs so that your solution meets those requirements. But how long ago was that done? You may be surprised at how fast your business needs change and adapt as the marketplace fluctuates. A regular business assessment […]

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Is Software as a Service the Best Fit for Your Organization?

Plenty of software companies tell you that Software as a Service (SaaS) is the only way of the future.   But is that really true?  How can you decide whether to get in the game or stay on the sidelines?  Stepping back to take a clear look at your business needs can help you answer that […]

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Three Steps to Successful “Go Live” of Your Next ERP Project

There are many risks involved with deploying a new financial system.  To ensure the successful launch of your next ERP project, there are three key steps you should follow for effective planning and implementation. Success is when your organization achieves business goals, the project costs are within budget, and the “go live” dates are met. […]

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Periodic Business Process Review – Just How Efficient Are Your Current Processes?

  How long have you been using your ERP software?  How much turnover have you had?  How much has the functionality of the software grown…while your processes haven’t?  At InterDyn-Artis, we have been able to uncover tremendous efficiency gains for our long term clients. What we often find is that there is a big difference […]

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