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How Much Does New Accounting Software Cost?

When a company decides that it is time to upgrade from accounting software like Quickbooks, the first question is: “How much does it cost?” It’s not as easy as finding a price tag on the bottom of the box. There are many variables - ways you can save money, waste money, and lots of hidden costs to avoid – that all factor into your total project price. We publish the Great Plains software price list on our website but believe it or not, software is only a fraction of the total cost.

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Selecting an ERP Package “The Office” Way

Everyone needs a bit of humor in their day – I just rarely see it in regards to ERP Software.  So I feel compelled to pass along this video starring David Brent from the original UK version of “The Office” on how to choose ERP software. Watch: Selecting an ERP Package "The Office" Way As […]

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Why Some Companies Don’t Like Using Microsoft Dynamics GP

By Amber Bell, Microsoft Dynamics GP Training Consultant
As a trainer for Microsoft Dynamics GP software here in Connecticut, I have come across my fair share of frustrated CFOs, Controllers and other finance folks. You know, the ones who like to refer to our software as “Great Pains” instead of “Great Plains”. But almost every time I find that their frustration with GP is due to either a lack of training or poor setup and implementation by their GP Partner (consultant, reseller, VAR whatever you want to call the person they bought the software from). Keep reading to find out 2 tips to avoid this.

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Microsoft Spent Over $8 Billion on R&D in Fiscal Year 2009!

I reported a few weeks ago that Sage’s CTO told his vendor channel  that "Some of our products have fallen behind the technology curve and need increased R&D investment." I wanted to compare this to Microsoft. My research shows that Microsoft spent over $8 Billion on R&D in its fiscal year 2009 across all products! […]

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Should You Wait For the Release of the New Microsoft Dynamics GP “11”?

Although my grandmother needs a new computer now she is waiting to buy it until the release of the new Windows 7. Why? She doesn't know, someone just told her it was “better”. Trouble is, she needs a new system NOW. This is the same with Microsoft Dynamics GP. You could wait for the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP “11” but what will that cost you now? Probably quite a bit of inefficiency and frustrated users, limping along on a system like Peachtree of Quickbooks that you have likely already outgrown, or is threatening to give out any day. The better idea is to implement Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 now. And when GP “11” is released you will receive it for free since you will be active on your maintenance plan which is required for the first year. But for those of you who are the type to stand in line because you must have the very latest and greatest, here is the timeline.

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How to Find a Local Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner?

Sometimes I feel that Microsoft makes it very difficult for companies to find a good Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner. I suppose this is because they do not want to be accused of favoritism.  But hey, help us out here!  There is the Microsoft Solution Finder tool, but honestly, I find this difficult to use, even […]

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1 Million Transactions in Microsoft Dynamics GP? No Problem!

We have a customer in Rocky Hill, Connecticut in the financial services industry that processes 100,000 payables transactions a month - that is over 1 million a year! We also work with a staffing firm that processes 2000 payroll checks a week. And it is no problem for their Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting system to keep up with the volume. Can your accounting software do that? When researching financial management systems, transaction processing speed and system scalability are important criteria. You need to know your new system will be able to easily handle existing transaction loads, and manage significant increases as your business grows.

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