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Implementing a New ERP or Accounting Software System? How to Avoid “Scope Creep,” Stay On Time, Stay on Budget

What is “scope creep?”  It’s the term we in the industry use in reference to projects that exceed their original parameters. How does this happen?  Whether you’re implementing a very basic product like Peachtree, a midmarket solution like Microsoft Dynamics GP, or enterprise software like Oracle, “scope creep” can become a costly problem. It’s true […]

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3 Tips for a Rapid Deployment of Microsoft Dynamics GP: Better Results and More Affordable Than You Think

Keeping it simple can reduce a lot of stress in life. Well, the same goes for business software implementations. Many failed implementations are the result of trying to accomplish too much in too little time. Overwhelming your business with new processes, new features, and new software can backfire quickly. Your employees just want to do […]

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Cooking with Microsoft Dynamics GP: Five Ingredients to Ensure Success!

To be a good cook takes time and practice. You need to develop your pallet and learn the ingredients that work best together. Similar to cooking, Microsoft Dynamics GP can be a complex art, but you just need these 5 ingredients to get the most out of your solution and make sure it works right […]

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Payroll Implementation: Developing a Realistic Schedule – Two Viable Options and One Option to Avoid

When setting a go-live date for a payroll implementation project you must take a variety of factors into consideration. Some of the most import factors are related to government tax and reporting requirements. January 1 is always the best selection for a US payroll go-live date.  Going live at the beginning of a tax year […]

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Documenting your Dynamics GP ERP Implementation – Striving for the “Goldilocks” Approach.

You are in the process of planning a Dynamics GP ERP Implementation.  You’ve tried to think of everything.  But one of the areas that often gets overlooked along the way is documentation.  You would be surprised how often documentation is not done (or done poorly). And then – how much is enough? If you under-document, […]

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