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Increase the Efficiency with Dynamics NAV and Magento Integration

Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Magento connector enable the client’s information, sales orders, stock levels, payments, and shipment integration between the systems. As a result, it provides flexibility to manage multi-channel operations at a single place which helps in streamline business procedures and leads to more prominent customer satisfaction. So, by using Magento Dynamics NAV, organizations can diminish […]

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How Digital Marketing Creates Attraction for eCommerce Sellers?

eCommerce Partner with us      Frequently Asked Questions If you look at the past 10 years, there has been a serious boom with the emergence of eCommerce Businesses. With over thousands of eCommerce portals for customers to choose from. The market is flooded with products from nails to brand new cars. In fact, people are […]

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5 Reasons Why You Should Start an eCommerce Business!

 Partnership      Frequently Asked Questions (x2x eCommerce) Are you running a retail or wholesale business with hundreds of employees, lots of warehouses but no brand visibility? Do you feel that you cannot reach out to the wider audience? Well, it is time to rethink your business expansions, now. With the purchasing power of people around the […]

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Drive your Sales with Magento Sales Portal

If you have employees or field representatives out on the road, they need a way to easily access information required to close deals without a lot of back and forth communication with back office, missed phone calls and misinformation. In this age of technology it is imperative for businesses like yours to provide your sales […]

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How to Get More Bang for Your Buck When Integrating Magento and Microsoft Dynamics GP

There are a lot of good reasons to integrate Magento eCommerce storefront with Dynamics GP, the most compelling of which is to avoid manual key entry which is time-consuming and error-prone. In the retail business, order errors are costly and often painful. Incorrect prices, quantities, products and shipping addresses make for very unhappy customers. Although […]

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Cloud Integration Helps You Sell More, Save Money

Today software applications are designed to make launching eCommerce sites easier, less expensive and faster than ever before. Most companies launching new generations of sites are doing so to save money, improve design functionality and integrate back office business systems, like ERP, for scalability and efficiency. A cloud-based ecommerce platform is a great option if […]

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