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Effective Business Analytics In or Out of the Cloud

Business analytics and the cloud typically are seen as two naturally compatible offerings—and for good reason. Business analytics runs on massive and inexpensive computing that is optimized to process and make sense of huge volumes of unstructured data, and is accessible to a large number of users. However, not all users of business analytics are […]

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The Machine Learning Revolution Has Begun, Bringing Predictive Forecasting to Businesses of All Sizes

A revolution that has been quietly brewing in the sphere of machine learning and predictive analytics is taking flight. For customers, the analytics revolution is putting powerful new analytical tools in the hands of financial planners and business managers in every area of the business, enabling more comprehensive, effective, and reliable planning. While the value […]

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Enhance Predictive Analytics in Your ERP with Azure Machine Learning

Machine learning is in high demand, as customers are progressively looking for ways to gather insights from their data. It is at the peak of the Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, 2015. It uses computers to run predictive models that learn from the existing data in order to forecast future outcomes, trends, and behaviors. […]

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Microsoft Announces Start of a New Era for Dynamics AX: Interview with Mike Ehrenberg

“I've been at Microsoft just over 12 years working with Dynamics and in my view this is the most significant release we've ever done.” -Mike Ehrenberg, Technical Fellow, Microsoft Dynamics ERP Today Microsoft announced what is described as the “kickoff of a new chapter in the life of Dynamics AX”. The ERP product has undergone a major […]

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What’s So Great About deFacto Planning 4.0?

deFacto has released the latest version of deFacto Planning, Version 4.0, which adds a number of significant new features and capabilities, including web and mobile interfaces, enhanced analytical and predictive features, higher scalability, and the ability to deploy a cloud-ready SaaS version from the Azure Marketplace. Customers who deployed deFacto to eliminate the problems they […]

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Predictive Analytics: Crossing the Chasm

Many technologies follow a curve in which the original products are complex and expensive and can be deployed by only the largest and most resource-rich companies, but gradually become more widely adopted as they become more affordable and easily deployable. This is happening in the realm of predictive analytics, aided by new machine learning tools […]

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