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ERP Consulting Fraud: Watch for the Warning Signs

A good conman can have you eating out of the palm of his hand and believing that he is the savior for all of your company's woes. TV shows like "House of Lies" would have you believe that there are business consulting firms that specialize in making money off gullible business executives without actually doing […]

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Forrester Analyst Offers Insight on Midmarket ERP Software

It is a mistake to assume that ERP is a one size fits all affair. Many enterprise resource planning systems are undoubtedly for enterprises. For small to medium sized businesses (SMB), these voluminous ERP systems will only cost them more money than they ever wanted to spend and likely not produce the positive results they […]

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Vertical vs. Horizontal Solutions – Dynamics GP Goes Both Ways!

Recently in a post to to,  Austin Merritt stated that his company expected the popularity of customizable horizontal solutions to continue declining indefinitely due to 5 trends that still views as young.  While Mr. Merritt makes some persuasive points, the fact of the matter is that Dynamics GP counters each of the 5 trends […]

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Scenario Planning For The Eventual Recovery – ERP Is The Key

Many companies are addressing today’s economic uncertainty through scenario planning.  This strategy is particularly effective when facing a situation of uncertainty fueled by a variety of factors such as government policy, consumer response and Wall Street to name a few.  The key to scenario planning is identifying trends as quickly as possible and implementing the necessary corrective […]

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Unifying Multiple-Entity Financials With GP And FRx

One of the beauties of a GP-based solution is the flexibility that complimentary programs such as FRx provide,  making life easier and even starting companies down the road to financial fitness.  This was evidenced recently when Micro Force got in touch with a company to which they were recommended that was using GP 10 but […]

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