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8 Tips for Avoiding ERP Selection Failure: Part 2

Many ERP implementations begin long before the software is ever installed on any servers. In Part 1 of this series, we looked at some of the ways companies fail in the early stages and some of the ways you can avoid those failures. In Part 2 we will assume that you have survived the planning […]

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8 Tips for Avoiding ERP Selection Failure: Part 1

The web is filled with articles, videos, white papers and even full-length books about ERP selection and implementation. Many ERP experts have spelled out the steps to ERP success in detail, and those businesses that have been successful at it have shared their success stories. Nevertheless, we have not seen a decline in ERP failures. […]

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The Top 13 ERP Mistakes You Should Avoid: Part 1

ERP software has become a mission critical app for many businesses. Successful companies depend on their ERP systems to keep their business processes flowing smoothly. Furthermore, those businesses that failed to properly implement ERP software have often found themselves with large holes in their budgets and countless hours wasted on loss mitigation. As the saying […]

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Who is the “Typical” Microsoft Dynamics GP Customer?

All companies are unique. But when you have implemented as many Dynamics GP systems as we have, you start to see some similarities.  And there is definitely a unifying set of characteristics that defines a “typical” Microsoft Dynamics GP customer. The first type of ERP software customer has outgrown their current computer system (for example […]

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How to Use Microsoft Dynamics GP SmartList in the Hunt for Unrecorded Liabilities

One of our clients wanted a simple way to generate a report to determine if they had accounted for all necessary accruals for recently closed accounting periods through their accounts payable system.  A popular test in accounting is the search for unrecorded liabilities, normally done by an outside auditor to ensure that all liabilities are accrued […]

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