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Inventory and Supply Chain: Speaking the Language

If your business relies on inventory and supply chain management, you know that these processes have a language all their own. Mastering that language, understanding its terms, is crucial to your success. It’s important for new hires as well as seasoned employees to know exactly what they’re talking about. We came across an article posted […]

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Costing Methods in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

There are several costing setups in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, the financial management team will choose the company’s preferred costing method. However, the following discussion will hopefully explain some of the benefits of each method. Dynamics NAV offers users the following choices for costing method: FIFO, […]

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Inventory Valuation Methods for a Dynamics GP Dummy

During the sales process I try to avoid questions regarding inventory valuation and to be honest I do this because I do not understand the differences and what impact the valuation options have on the financials. I am not an accountant nor do I try to be, however I should really have a better understanding […]

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