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Make 2018 the Year to Streamline Benefit Management

Benefit programs are as important to your employees as they are to your business. The right combination of benefit packages can attract skilled talent, reduce turnover and improve morale throughout your company. However, benefit programs require close attention. Capturing and reviewing the data needed for time-off, retirement plans and life insurance programs can be tricky […]

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Can You Afford To Offer Employee Benefits? Can You Afford Not To?

Small businesses are not legally obligated to offer employees many of the customary benefits provided at larger corporations. While holding back benefits might seem like a great way to control costs, it could cost you more in the long run. You may hire the skilled talent you need, but then struggle with employee turnover, especially […]

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Attract and Retain Skilled Job Candidates With Strong Benefit Programs

Many of today’s job candidates are evaluating benefit programs alongside other workplace qualities. A recent study by Fractl revealed that candidates are considering health, dental and vision insurance along with leave and retirement benefits when rating a job offer. Offering strong benefit programs is one way to attract the skilled candidates you need; however, they […]

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Take the Pressure Off Benefits Management

Many employers offer a variety of benefit programs in an effort to attract and retain skilled employees who will contribute to business success and growth. There are many different types of benefit programs and each one comes with a very specific set of regulations or rules. Managing employee benefits doesn’t have to be complicated or […]

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FASB Hopes To Simplify Financial Reporting

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) has released three proposed updates that are intended to simplify the financial reporting for employee benefit plans. These three updates intend to simplify contract value, investment disclosures, and measurement of investments and related accounts. Comments on the proposal that was released on April 24, 2015 are due on May […]

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Planning for the Future

When planning budgets for the upcoming fiscal year or when setting long-term goals, you need to know your options and the costs associated with those options.  Keep an eye on costs associated with group life insurance  and different retirement plans with affordable add-ons by Integrity Data. There are often many variables when calculating the life […]

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