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New Lease Accounting Standards: 10 Lessons Learned

Over the past 2 years, Crowe has helped both private and public companies work through a myriad of issues when implementing the new lease accounting standards under FASB ASC 842 and IFRS 16. Whether your company has already created a plan to address these changes or you are just beginning to grasp what the changes […]

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Property Leasing & ASC 842 – WEBINAR

Property Leasing & ASC 842 Can't make the Property Leasing & ASC 842 - webinar? Sign yourself up for a one-on-one demo by emailing us at and enjoy how easy learning about our solution is. New Lease Accounting Standards are on their way (ASC 842 and its’ IFRS cousin, IFRS 16). ASC 842 is meant […]

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Binary Stream – Did You Know – Property Management (Revenue Share)

Did you know Property Management can create a revenue share on an invoice? When an invoice is created for an escalation line, a revenue share is generated when the start and end escalation period dates lie between the start and end dates for the salesperson, which is set in the Revenue Sharing ID on the […]

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Binary Stream – Did You Know – Weekly Tips – Property Management (SSRS Reports)

Did You Know (SSRS Reports)... In addition to reports from various inquiry windows, you should take advantage of the SSRS Reports such as Rent Roll Report, Forecast Reports, Lease Summary Reports, Lease Expiration Summary Report, and Sales Report.

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New Leasing Standards are coming, are you prepared?

Leasing isn't an exciting topic. So then why is everyone suddenly interested in leasing? Because of ASC 842, and its IFRS cousin, IFRS 16, that’s why! While these new standards are slightly different (IFRS requires all lessee leases to be treated as “direct finance” or capital leases, while ASC 842 classifies some leases as direct finance and others […]

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Top 3 “must haves” for equipment rental ERP software

Just in the past few years we’ve seen a shift in how equipment-driven rental companies are thinking about their market niches—primarily that they’re looking at rental through the prism of omni-channel retail and commercial sales. Top 3 “must haves” for equipment rental ERP software: That’s transforming traditional business models—one example among many is the shift […]

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