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Cost Accounting and Project Management in Dynamics 365

One of the toughest tasks a business owner has is pricing their jobs and services. Job costing, or labor cost allocation, measures the actual cost for a business to deliver a product or service to their customers. Getting those numbers right helps the company to stay profitable, keeping the doors open and your employees paid. […]

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Drilling Fluid Manufacturer/Distributor Switches from QuickBooks to NAV-X for Industry Specific Capabilities

If you’re in touch with the news, you’ve heard about the recent oil booms popping up all over the United States; North Dakota, Kansas, and Texas are all experiencing a huge economic shift because of oil and gas in those regions. Due to these booms,  manufacturers and distributors of drilling fluids are in high demand […]

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Increase Your Cash Flow With Microsoft Dynamics SL

CTI, a Virginia based Engineering Services firm specializing in customizing electro-mechanical hardware for government agencies, realized they needed to upgrade their job costing systems to facilitate rapid growth. They were using their outsourced payroll system to handle job costing, which was not automated with other facets of their financial management systems. This resulted in a […]

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How to use Job Cost Accounting Software to Determine Which Projects Are Really Profitable

If you're so busy worrying about how many bids for contracts you win and not stopping to think about the actual cost going into that labor, then you're probably spending much more money than necessary. In most cases, obviously the most profitable job will be the bigger one, but sometimes there are some smaller maintenance […]

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