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An Alternative to Managing Multiple Company Databases in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Managing multiple databases can be a cumbersome task for companies that are operating and transacting for many separate legal entities.  This is true from a backend perspective in areas such as new version upgrades and from a user perspective by having to log in/log out within databases and the setups required within each database.  If […]

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Franchise Online Statements for Dynamics GP: 4 Relief Points

You’re a controller for a franchise organization sitting in the accounting department at headquarters using Dynamics GP as your core ERP solution as you have out-grown QuickBooks. All that you can hear is the constant humming of the printing of paper invoices to be mailed all across the country, ringing of franchisees calling you to discuss their bill, clicking of staff typing in data for cash receipts, and groaning from your cash desk struggling with manual ACH file uploads with your bank.

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Portals Improving Relationships: 3 Groups of Transparency with Dynamics GP

The core functionality of Dynamics GP (formally Great Plains) will provide features to run your business, but that is only the scratch of the surface. There are many add-on solutions that can take the base functionality of Dynamics GP and provide transparency with not only your internal staff, but also for your vendors and customers.

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Should You Be Afraid of Adding ISV Products When Buying Microsoft Dynamics GP?

More than likely when you purchase an ERP/accounting software system like Microsoft Dynamics GP, the partner will recommend one or more add-on or ISV products along with the main system.  But hold on now, you may say, shouldn’t I be looking for a software package that does everything right out of the box? According to […]

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Microsoft Dynamics GP – there’s an App for that!

Prior to the start of a Dynamics GP product demonstration recently, I was in the conference room of a prospect, chatting with Dave, their IT guy.  While I was setting up my laptop and projector for the demo, Dave was busy working with his new smartphone.  I was waiting for everything on my system to […]

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“Best of Breed” – Why Include Third Party (ISV) Products with Microsoft Dynamics GP?

“If my ERP system combines a third party product with Microsoft Dynamics GP, isn’t that an inferior solution to the industry-specific, 'all-in-one' solution I found at my industry trade show?” I have often heard this from prospects over my 20 years as a Microsoft Partner, and I would argue that the answer to that is […]

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