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Top 3 Reasons Dynamics Clients Seek WMS over Data Collection

Inventory Mobility and Traceability Microsoft Dynamics clients that are projecting growth in their manufacturing and/or distribution operations are seeking improvements in inventory traceability. The majority of these clients are selecting WMS (Warehouse Management) over DC (Data Collection). So what exactly is the difference between WMS and Data Collection applications? One article explained the difference between […]

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Inventory Traceability: From Paper to Mobility

No more printing paper. No more duplicate data entry. No more transposition errors. No more freezing inventory. No more counts on nights and weekends. OK – I get it, it sounds great, but can Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) really saving time and money? These systems are not free – and my boss is looking for […]

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4 Tips to Improve Cash Flow from Daily Operations

In our recent blog post, we talked about the importance of cash flow to daily operations.  We touched on how vital it is to forecast cash flow.  Without a reasonable cash flow forecast, a company simply floats adrift, heading for the rocks.  No one likes a shipwreck. But with an automated, reliable, and consistent system […]

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