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How to Prepare for When the Lights Go Out

Were you just as shocked as I was when the lights went out during the Super Bowl?  What an unexpected event that interrupted game time, concession sales, and the enjoyment of fans both in the Superdome and at home.  Similarly, supply chain interruptions are also unexpected, can impact sales, and usually create a great deal […]

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Drilling Fluid Manufacturer/Distributor Switches from QuickBooks to NAV-X for Industry Specific Capabilities

If you’re in touch with the news, you’ve heard about the recent oil booms popping up all over the United States; North Dakota, Kansas, and Texas are all experiencing a huge economic shift because of oil and gas in those regions. Due to these booms,  manufacturers and distributors of drilling fluids are in high demand […]

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Five Requirements of Distribution ERP Software

From a recent telephone survey of 2,500 wholesale distributors, we found that 47% of all distribution companies are dealing with antiquated software that doesn’t meet their current needs. This is a large percent and if you’re in this bucket, you know how frustrating outdated software can be. Outdated software contributes to the #1 pain of […]

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Inventory Valuation Methods for a Dynamics GP Dummy

During the sales process I try to avoid questions regarding inventory valuation and to be honest I do this because I do not understand the differences and what impact the valuation options have on the financials. I am not an accountant nor do I try to be, however I should really have a better understanding […]

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Formula Manufacturers: Inventory Control Issues A Recipe For Disaster

Most formula manufacturers that I encounter are constantly looking at ways to improve their inventory costs and reliability.  Nothing is worse for them than having a customer order and/or production ticket ready for staging only to find that the raw materials are not available.   During my review of business processes for prospects, many times the Material Planner/Purchasing Manager is […]

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