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Executive Planning Guide – Field Service Inventory Management

This new e-book brings to light some important considerations when planning for your field service mobile inventory strategy   Travis Smith, CTO of WithoutWire recently completed an executive planning guide to field service operations to shorten your learning curve in deploying a successful strategy for supply chain logistics in field service.  This guide covers the terminology […]

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3 Critical Questions to Ask About Barcode Technology

From warehouses to retail stores, and even on our smartphones, we are surrounded by barcode technology. Scanning items is so commonplace that we often take this convenience for granted. This technology offers incredible benefits to businesses; however, not all barcode systems are the same. Scanning items in the warehouse, for example, is only beneficial when […]

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Medical Device Manufacturers Can Streamline UDI Management

The medical device manufacturing industry is highly competitive and highly regulated. Manufacturing high-quality, life-saving products requires strict oversight of all aspects of production—from inventory to manufacturing and distribution to the end user. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has established a unique device identification (UDI) system to track medical devices with the end goals to […]

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