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[Infographic] Your ERP Can Accelerate Healthcare E-Commerce Success

Consumers, hospitals, and medical organizations of all kinds are all looking for ways to leverage digital healthcare to make industry processes simpler and faster. Historically, however, digitizing healthcare and embracing medical e-commerce has been a challenge. Industry regulations are rampant, and they often box organizations into healthcare’s long-established way of working. Visualize the state of […]

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Investing in Dynamics 365: 6 Crucial Questions to Address

Despite its massive business potential, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is having an identity problem in the marketplace. It is often considered to be little more than an experiment in the repackaging of soon-to-be-unsupported versions of Microsoft’s more outdated ERPs. But Microsoft Dynamics 365 is more than a rebranding; it’s an avenue through which Microsoft is allowing […]

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ERP Integrated E-Commerce vs. Interfacing E-Commerce Solutions: Why Choose Integration? [Video]

Across industries, e-commerce businesses are having a serious data problem. Organizations are gathering substantially more data than they’re able to sort through and use. In fact, most business owners use just 0.5% of all the data in their possession to enhance their e-commerce strategies. What’s worse is that this isn’t a problem that you can […]

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Three Unexpected Benefits of Using a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

The statistics are in: faster-loading speeds = happier customers = more conversions. We’ve said it before, and online shoppers agree. As browser speeds continue to accelerate, customers expect faster performance. Sites with loading times over 3 seconds can expect bounce rates of 40%... or worse. This is why so many e-commerce businesses use a content delivery network (CDN) […]

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