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Top 4 Features in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011

Last year I blogged about Microsoft Dynamics SL and how it compares to Dynamics GP.  Well, coming soon is a major new release of SL which will add some great capabilities.  Dynamics SL 2011 is a robust edition of an already feature-rich product.  Look for these exciting new Dynamics 2011 features: Overall Useability – the […]

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Ladies and Gentlemen Let Me Introduce Your New Dynamics GP Report Design Tool – Microsoft Word!

In previous blogs I have discussed the various reporting tools available in Dynamics GP.  One of the more specific areas of report design has to do with form design.  Forms are your collection of output typically intended for an external audience such as your customers or vendors.  Forms include such always-needed documents as invoices, sales […]

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6 Easy Steps to GREAT Dynamics GP Reports

With most customers of Dynamics GP, how and in what manner you get your data out of the system is critical.  Most customers eventually need supplemental reports that go beyond the standard reports available.  Assuming this is a more complex report that cannot be easily handled via Microsoft Dynamics GP Smartlists, you will be looking at […]

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Who You Calling Smart? I’m Brilliant! I’m a Dynamics GP Smartlist

One of the favorite features of Dynamics GP is its ever present Smartlist.  Smartlists are the preferred means by which many users access their data and it comes with your purchase of Dynamics GP.  Smartlists provides easy-to-use views into most critical data lists in GP.  These lists can then be easily exported to Excel for additional review, […]

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Don’t Take My FRx! I’m Still Using It.

As discussed in Abra Lynne Gilman’s blog post on 10/19/2009, Microsoft is getting ready to release a new version of Management Reporter for Dynamics GP.  This new version’s release will coincide with next year’s release of GP 11 but will be available soon in beta. As we welcome a new financial reporting tool, it means […]

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Dynamics GP Training–Why it really is THAT important–Part II (How to Learn to Use Microsoft Dynamics GP)

As we discussed in Part I of this entry, end user training is critical to your GP Implementation’s success.  But in the face of ever-growing training options, how do you choose the right one?  Below are some ways you can learn how to use Dynamics GP and my thoughts on their relative pros and cons: […]

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How to Insure That Your Microsoft Dynamics GP Implementation Will Cost More Than You Planned (or how to blow your ERP budget in 6 easy steps): PART II

Last week in Part I of this post, we covered the first 3 ways to blow your ERP budget.  This week, we finish up with points 4 – 6. 4.                Not having an internal Project Manager (PM).  Trust me, you really want (and need) a go-to guy or girl for your project.  Not having a key […]

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How to Insure That Your Microsoft Dynamics GP Implementation Will Cost More Than You Planned (or How to Blow your ERP Budget in 6 Easy Steps): PART I

You’ve heard the horror stories… ERP implementations gone wild! You end up spending two to three times what you had budgeted. Well it doesn’t have to happen and it really shouldn’t.

The good news is that Microsoft Dynamics GP is designed to make the implementation as easy as possible. And Microsoft has gone further to help assure successful and on-budget implementations through its Best Practices documentation called Sure Step. But there are still some “gotchas” that you need to watch for.

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