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‘Show Me the Money!’ Increase Your Cash Flow with Microsoft Dynamics GP

The movie, Jerry Maguire coined the phrase, “Show Me the Money” and it’s stuck with us for years. Why? Because money talks, money makes things possible, and let’s face it, who doesn’t want more money? In short, money or cash flow is important to your business. Increased cash flow and a better understanding of your […]

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5 Reasons Why NOW is the Time to Switch Your Outdated Accounting Software to Microsoft Dynamics GP

Are you making excuses why now is not the time to update your accounting or ERP software?  We understand it takes effort, money, and resources that not every company has readily available.  You may have been putting this decision off now for a long time, but in today’s economy those excuses may be costing your […]

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Cash is King – 3 Ways to Stronger Cash Flow in 2011 with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Small to mid-size companies are feeling the credit crunch after a few years of the economic recession and cash flow management is on the top of all of our minds.  How can you effectively manage your cash flow in 2011? Microsoft Dynamics® GP helps ensure stronger cash flow through… Invoicing Management - The new features in […]

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Increase Your Cash Flow With Microsoft Dynamics SL

CTI, a Virginia based Engineering Services firm specializing in customizing electro-mechanical hardware for government agencies, realized they needed to upgrade their job costing systems to facilitate rapid growth. They were using their outsourced payroll system to handle job costing, which was not automated with other facets of their financial management systems. This resulted in a […]

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