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The ERP Implementation Partnership: Human Factor vs. Tools & Procedures

We all have implementation methodologies and the tools that go along with them. While debating the merits of particular tools and the advantages of increased sophistication versus user buy-in, we can agree that our project tools are necessary components in a successful implementation. That said, there are more interesting components in a project. Once the […]

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Selecting the Right ERP Partner to Lead Your Implementation

Have you decided to invest in a new ERP system? If so, you have likely done a great deal of research to find systems that best fit your business. Selecting the right system is key to a successful ERP system implementation, but don’t forget the importance of selecting the right vendor to lead the implementation. […]

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How to Use Joint Process Design (JPD) for ERP Success

JPD (pronounced JAY-pod) – is an acronym for Joint Process Design, which is a working session during an implementation where we (as the consultants) work jointly with you, the client to design how the new ERP solution will handle a specific process. If you have ever had to provide a list of requirements for a […]

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