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We Beat Epicor, Prophet21, and SysPro with Microsoft Dynamics® GP

Going against Epicor and Prophet21 twice in one year, I built on what had occurred during and immediately after the first competition. We provided our second prospect with facts prior to the competition putting their spin on these issues.
We established solid credibility with the prospect and re-established our product. We earned an 8-user GP and 40-user SalesPad sale. And we are going to knock this install out of the ballpark because we will be there for this company; whatever it takes. That’s how we do implementations.

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IFRS Accounting – Where Do You Start?

Your answer depends upon the number of layers you want to affect in your system. The first step in analyzing your software systems is to determine the source of transactions and at what point you want to be able to diverge reporting between GAAP and IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards).  Consider a system diagram: Three […]

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ERP Software Churn—Microsoft Dynamics versus NetSuite

A good analysis of NetSuite churn is offered by Jason Carter in his blog. One must step back from that analysis and ask why the customers are leaving the product so quickly in such high numbers. The comments on the blog post are as informative as the article itself. An independent analysis of the Microsoft Dynamics Product Roadmaps shows the long-term investment being made in the product line, indicating strong support of Dynamics GP all the way out to version 14—a product life stretching from 1993 to 2014.

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